What to set aside for beautiful detail photos:

When it comes to capturing beautiful wedding details photos, attention to the little things can make a big difference. Setting aside specific items can ensure your photographer captures all the important elements of your special day. From the stunning dress and veil to the intricate invitation suite, each detail plays a part in telling the story of your wedding. So, to help you capture these moments, I’ve compiled the ultimate list of items to set aside for beautiful detail photos. 

  1. Dress & Veil
  2. Invitation Suite
  3. Shoes
  4. All 3 rings
  5. Jewelry
  6. Perfume
  7. Something old, new, borrowed, blue
  8. Bouquet
  9. Bouquet charms or lockets
  10. loose florals (ask your florist)
  11. Lipstick
  12. Suit
  13. Tie
  14. Cufflinks
  15. Watch
  16. Cologne
  17. Socks
  18. Handkerchief
  19. Belt / Suspenders
  20. Boutonniere
  21. Any gifts or notes for one another
  22. Personalized hangers
  23. Any item of significance that represent your day.

To ensure your photos turn out beautifully, prepare these details in a box and have them ready for the photographer. Additionally, create a clean and clutter-free getting ready space by removing any unnecessary items like trash, water bottles, and suitcases. By organizing these details in advance, you can help your photographer capture the essence of your wedding day with elegance and style.